About Us

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Vision Statement

  • Chesterbrook strives to establish a positive, welcoming environment, build strong relationships across our school community and provide rigorous differentiated instruction that encourages lifelong learning.

Mission Statement

  • Provide students and staff a sense of belonging within our school community.
  • Provide a safe and inclusive school environment.
  • Build an environment where students develop and maintain healthy relationships with peers where they feel safe to openly collaborate and reflect on their work.
  • Create a collaborative home and school partnership where staff and families/guardians can support the needs of students cohesively.
  • Provide differentiated instruction that prioritizes and targets students’ strengths and needs through the MTSS framework.
  • Encourage critical and creative thinking across all areas of instruction.
  • Emphasize FCPS Portrait of a Graduate skills necessary to encourage students to become lifelong  learners and successful citizens.



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FCPS Student Rights and Responsibilities

Chestbrook ES is a part of Region 2

Fairfax County Public Schools